Golf practice games that will make you a winner on the golf course.

George Haughton's "Pressure Games For Golf"


FIRST TEE—your turn to hit—all eyes are on you—you tee up—take your stance—waggle—swing—you hit a beautiful slice, over the fence and out of bounds—what happened? PRESSURE.

I8th GREEN—your ball is 3 feet from the cup—all you need to do is sink it for a birdie and you win—you line up—take your stance—everybody is watching—you putt—the ball stops 2 inches short of the hole—what happened? PRESSURE.



In the game of golf there are a thousand situations like these—pressure situations, that cause even the best players to choke. Having a 3-foot putt for par seems like an easy task until you actually step up to the ball. Then, this 3-foot tap-in looks like a 6-foot monster. What you are experiencing is nervous tension-PRESSURE.

Top performance under pressure is what PRESSURE GAMES FOR GOLF is all about. You will experience, on the practice tee, almost every situation you might come across during a round of golf.



PRESSURE GAMES FOR GOLF is not an instruction book on grip, stance, or swing. That information can be provided by a PGA instructor, or one of the many fine golf instruction books available.

PRESSURE GAMES FOR GOLF is meant to be a practice manual; a supplement to any type of golf instruction you are now receiving. If you are taking lessons three times a week, or would like to try the latest golf tip, PRESSURE GAMES FOR GOLF will help make your practice time more effective and enjoyable.



Those three words state the entire philosophy of PRESSURE GAMES FOR GOLF. Performing consistently well at a sport, while in a pressure situation, is something all athletes try to attain. Weekend athletes included.

Any golf pro or instruction manual can give the basics on shot-making. When golfers take this information to the driving range, they eventually develop some consistency. What frustrates most players, though, is that when they go out to play 18 holes, they can’t seem to reproduce the shots they hit during practice. This is especially true in pressure situations.



PRESSURE GAMES FOR GOLF is a new way to practice. All games have one specific goal: to expose the golfer to pressure situations while on the practice tee. The more experience a player has in handling these types of problems, the more consistent he becomes on the course.

This same principle is comparable to the flight simulator an airplane pilot would use. With this device, a pilot practices flying, but never leaves the ground. His flight is simulated through computerized movies. With the many hours of practice spent in the simulator, a pilot is better able to handle pressure situations in the air.

PRESSURE GAMES FOR GOLF is your flight simulator for better golf. Once you have played several PRESSURE GAMES, you will gain greater confidence in your golfing ability. The situations facing you on the course will have already been rehearsed a hundred times or more on the practice tee.

Although experience is the best teacher, it can be a very expensive one. To get enough experience in pressure situations, you would have to play several hundred rounds of golf—and this could cost you thousands of dollars. But, for the price of this book and a bag of practice balls, you can practice any pressure situation you wish, as many times as you wish.



• Putting games Sand games
• Pitching and chipping games
Games for learning the rules
• Games for the irons, fairway woods, and driver
Solo and competitive games

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