Mego 2-XL Robot Repair by


Lu Carle and Mego 2-XL Robot family

If your robot has died let me give it new life. I will fix it and make it work as well as when it was new.


This is a functional, electronic repair not a cosmetic restoration.

$69Plus shipping

I will treat your robot with love and respect and all its personal information will remain confidential.


I also sell the correct 9 volt DC/pos tip/300ma wall adapter. $15.95 plus $5 shipping in the US.

Sorry, I have no other extra parts for the robot for sale.

To order call Lu @(928)635-9271 (Arizona)

Click here to order on my secure order form

I accept PayPal.


Send your Mego 2-XL Robot to:

Gateway Music Corporation 200 S 6th Street Williams, AZ 86046   Phone: (928) 635-9271

Or if you use USPS: Gateway Music Corporation PO Box 172 Williams, AZ 86046

Grand Canyon Tube Radio
200 S 6th Street
Williams, Arizona 86046
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