Rudy Muck Mouthpieces

The New Second Generation "Cushion Rim" Trumpet and Tenor Trombone Mouthpieces. Made in USA.

Rudy Muck mouthpieces 

  The Rudy Muck mouthpiece will help you reach for it!!!

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Rudy Muck mouthpieces are now in stock from the new manufacturer CONN-SELMER.

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In 1937 Rudy Muck improved the models with a scientifically improved chambered throat enabling splendid attack in the  high, low and middle registers. Due to its long and mathematically perfect construction the chamber of the throat allows the production of a clear rounded tone with little effort and without having to "lip" the notes to adjust the pitch..

The "non-slip" grip eliminates lip bruising and prevents the embouchure from slipping even when wet.

The "cushion rim" is the most comfortable rim available. Pressure marks and the hindrance of blood circulation in the lips are an impossibility.

This mouthpiece has been off the market for 50 years. Now we offer this incredible mouthpiece again as the original cushion rim mouthpiece developed by Rudy Muck and, Yes, "Made in USA".   

 Available in 3 sizes each for Trumpet and Tenor Trombone

Trumpet with full "Cushion Rim" Mouthpieces


Rudy Muck                             cup diameter /depth                         Bach equivalent

 13C                  15.85mm              10.11mm               <10 1/2  15.90mm  

17C                   15.90mm              10.67mm                  10 1/2  15.90mm

    19C                    16.74mm              10.74mm                <1 1/2     17.00mm      

Trumpet $87 plus $5(USPS first class package-USA)

(World wide shipping via USPS "first class package International service" S/h $25.00 most countries)



Tenor Trombone with "Cushion Rim" Mouthpieces


  Rudy Muck                           cup diameter/depth                      Bach equivalent                

 23                     23.90mm           29.44mm                <  22        23.92mm

    25                    23.29mm            27.10mm             < <  22        23.92mm    

  26                    24.71mm           22.50mm                    11         24.70mm  

                $99 plus $6(USPS first class package-USA)

(World wide shipping via USPS "first class package International service" S/h $25 most countries) 

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