Zenopac T.N. Battery pack for Zenith, tube type, Transoceanic radios and others.

Zenopac installed into a Zenith T 600 TransoceanicZenopac sans 10 D cells. This is how it is shipped.

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Finally, a battery pack that uses only ten D cells and delivers plate, filament and dial light voltages just like the original packs did.


The Zenopac T.N. is shown above installed in a Zenith Transoceanic Model T600 and works with all tube type Transoceanics.


I recommend using rechargeable D cells. Buy two sets of 10 batteries and keep a set charged up so you never run out of battery.


The Zenopac T.N.  does not recharge the batteries in the unit. You will have to remove the batteries from your Zenopac T.N.  and recharge them externally in your own charger.  Have another set of D cells charged and ready to go so you will not miss out on your favorite shortwave radio programs.


Regular alkaline D cells work just fine but if you use the radio much it will cost you more than rechargeables.

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