Crosley  Model  54 "Reptone" cabinet (1930-31) SN EDA-32885 (TRF )Radio












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I have spent many hours restoring this radio. It isn't that complicated but it was probably exposed to a lightning strike as it had taken out the first RF transformer and the volume control.


It has 5 tubes including the expensive and now rare 45.


 I completely recapped it and replaced a few resistors. It sounds very good and it is quite strong considering it is a TRF. You will still need a long antenna for good reception.


This is a must have for Crosley lovers.


 This is one of the strangest cathedral radios I have ever seen. It is made of ornate "repwood" which is some sort of epoxy/ sawdust melange. It is very heavy and solidly strong. It is fortunate that I am not selling it by the pound. It  has a look that captivates and you just have to shake your head.




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