Fisher FM 80, 11 tube, FM Mono tuner


Very high quality, all tube, Fisher, FM tuner with exceptional sound, great gain and reception.


This unit works and sounds unbelievably great. It uses 50 watts


The output of this tuner is a pair of rca jacks. The output has a convenient volume control.


I have cleaned, serviced and tested this unit. Everything works. SN# 100087

A special thanks to Mike, a concerned audio enthusiasts, who is more knowledgeable about this product than I. I received this E-mail from Mike Morrow:

I noticed that you have a Fisher FM80 for sale but failed to mention in your ad that this is a MONO tuner, not stereo. One of the two outputs on the rear is for a multiplex adapter and the other is a mono output. This needs to be mentioned in your ad. Perhaps you did not realize this or did not listen that there was no stereo separation when you tested it as shown in your photo.
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Fisher FM 80, 11 tube tunerFisher FM 80, 11 tube tunerFisher FM 80, 11 tube tuner

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