Deering Banjos in Northern Arizona


"Vega No.2" Banjo

 This banjo has the new "tubaphone" tone ring. This is a great, rare, open- back banjo.

$4009 with hardshell case  plus shipping

Deering Boston Banjo


"Boston" Banjo

Beautiful, steel-rim with resonator.

$1979 with hard shell case plus shipping





"Boston" Longneck Banjo

$2339 with hard shell case   plus shipping



Deering Maple Blossom


"Maple Blossom" Banjo

Sand cast, virgin bell-bronze tone ring

$3998 with hard shell case plus shipping



Deering Sierra Banjo


"Sierra" Banjo

"No one can buy a better banjo!" 
Sand cast, bell-bronze tone ring

$2669 with hard shell case  plus shipping


Deering Vega Banjo



Vega "Little Wonder" Banjo

Beautiful new open back model. Comes with embroidered carrying bag. Great sound for a little price.

    $1429 plus shipping

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Deering BANJO @ Gateway Music

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"The banjo, which is indigenous to America, is more fashionable than ever. Ladies of the highest respectability are quite proud of being proficient pickers of this queer little instrument, which originally did not cost more than 75 cents. At present, some rich people pay as high as $70 for a banjo, made of rosewood and bound with silver."Arizona Champion, December 8, 1883
The indigenous American instrument made by Deering.