Motorola 5P33W, 4 tube, AM, AC/DC portable Radio

 Motorola 4 tube portable Radio. Model 5P33W

Motorola 4 tube portable Radio. Model 5P33W (rear view)

Motorola 4 tube portable Radio. Model 5P33W (rear inside view)


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This radio looks good. Normal wear but no cracks or ripped leatherette.


The "M", Motorola logo is missing from lower left front.


The radio is vintage and appears untouched from original. I ran it for a whole afternoon. It is perfect.


The dial has an internal cam so it micro tunes the stations. There is a mono phone jack in the front.


If you worked for Motorola  you will appreciate owning this cool AM radio


The batteries are available but expensive, so, I'm selling this with only the cord to plug it into the wall.


The top is a handle/rotating antenna.


The radio sound deliciously. SN 10115 (Circa 1957)

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