Packard Bell Model 1063,AM/SW/Phono/Recorder/ Console

Packard Bell Model 1063,AM/SW/Phono/Recorder/ Console
bulletThis 1947 Packard Bell "phoOcord" console was the top of the line in its day.
bulletThis unit has AM/Shortwave/78 Record player and will also cut 78 blanks to make your own 78 recordings. It can also be a Public Address system. Karaoke in the 40's ?
bulletThis 10 tube unit has been completely restored electronically. The cabinet remains original and untouched.
bulletThis is a real conversation piece that you can use and show off.
bulletIt includes the original Shure recording microphone that has also been restored. This microphone has become famous in its own right by being known a the best microphone for amplifying the harmonica. ("The Green Bullet") This one, however, is brown to match the unit.

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$450.00 plus shipping

Both record and playback arms are visible.
The dial shows broadcast (AM) and shotwave bands

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