Record Players and Changers

  Emerson Model 2153 AM-FM/FM Stereo Tuner/ Stereo 8-Track Player/ BSR 3 Speed Record Changer/built in Stereo Amplifier/ four Speaker Jacks   Edu-craft, suitcase, tube type, 78 RPM record player
Silvertone Model 7080  78player & Radio Sony HP-710, AM/FM and BSR 3 speed changer Table top unit Admiral 5M21-N, am radio with built in 3 speed record changer, table top, 1952  

Mitsubishi LT-55 Linear tracking turntable




Note:   Record players are in high demand,

especially changers that play all speeds including "78" rpm.

I am trying to restore as many as I can. It is time consuming.

 If you see one you want, call Lu @(928)635-9271

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