Zenith Transoceanic Model 1000

 Zenith transoceanic 1000 (circa 1961)

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Sorry, Sold !!!

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This Transoceanic was brought to me by my friend, Larry Ely, He was gloating about this great find. Larry has been my electronics and Life's mentor for 24 years. I wanted to fix it for him, both to show him what I can do and also to give him something to enjoy. I replaced most of the caps, added a new output germanium transistor and installed a "wall wart" ac bypass just like the 1000-1 would have. I also did a complete alignment of the IF and all bands as per the Zenith Service Manual. This unit has no battery box. Larry took the radio but brought it back the next day. His wife is very ill and he has no time to listen to it. My heart was broken. He sold it to me.


This radio is cosmetically poor. The front upper hinge is broken off the lower portion.


Electronically this radio is perfect and very strong.


If you want to listen to great shortwave, this radio is for you. Chassis #9HT40Z2, SN # 8981098 (Circa 1961)

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